Probus Club of Old Oakville

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Information for Speakers

How do I Offer to Speak to the


Please send a couple of paragraphs, one introducing you and the other promoting your talk, by email to the Chairman of our Speaker Selection Committee, Gord Stovel ( The Committee will conduct a review in the context of the plans for the next six months.

Normally, we do not pay fees for speakers but will cover reasonable expenses.

Information for Speakers

 The Probus Club of Old Oakville is a men?s club with 153 members. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the Oakville Club on Water Street  in downtown Oakville.

At every meeting we have a guest speaker. Our meetings begin at 9:15 am with coffee and social time.  The meeting starts at 9:45 am with some announcements, club business and a member speaker.  After a short break we introduce our guest speaker at between 10:30 and 10:45. Speakers should plan for a 45 minute presentaton plus some time for questions.

Our members are mostly retired and careers include business, finance, healthcare, government, academia and engineering. For many members the primary reason for attending these meetings is to hear the speaker, so we try to recruit speakers who can engage our interest with new and challenging insights.

Normally, we get an audience of over 80.  We have a projector and a sound system for speakers who bring laptop presentations.

After the meeting many of our members move to the Queen?s Head Pub for lunch. As a speaker you will be invited to join us as our guest. The pub is only a short walk from the Oakville Club.

See Our Guest Speakers for information on our previous programs.

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