Probus Club of Old Oakville

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Future speakers are detailed immediately below.

Speakers we have enjoyed earlier this year are listed at the bottom of this page.

December 5
Peter Jennings, who will give us an up tempo fun talk on:

“Why Being Happy Matters"

Here is a link to a profile on Peter:


January 3

Two of our own!

All will be revealed.

February 7

Speaker: Gurth Pretty, Author, Chef and Naval Re-enactor

Author, chef, and naval re-enactor, Gurth Pretty is a Warrant Officer for the HMS Royal George CFNA-NE. 

His topic is the Naval War of 1812 - The forgotten Lake Ontario Theatre. He is a naval re-enactor and a member of the HMS Royal George gun crew and landing party based in Orillia. 

A graduate of both George Brown College’s culinary management diploma and of Toronto’s Cheese Education Guild’s cheese certified programme, he worked as a professional chef in Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, Paris, Brussels, Dublin and Nuremberg, He specializes in food logistics for  the ship.


Should be an interesting topic.

  March 7
Dave O'Brian, Mississauga News: "Through the Harvey Oswald Window"
 April 4
Jean LaMantia, Registered Dietician: "My Cancer Treatment is finished.  Now what?"
  May 2
Mayor Rick Golding, Burlington: "The Halton Region, today & tomorrow - The Big Picture"
  June 6
Michelle Davis, Canopy Canabis - TBA
 July 4
 David Patterson, "The 1492 Guy" - "Dispelling the Myths of 1492"
 August 1
 Dr. David Posen, "Round Pegs, Square Holes" - five key areas to watch for for a healthier life.
September 5
 Stephen Ilot, Professional Organizer - "Getting Your House in Order"
 October 3
 John Beeden, "Crossing the Pacific...Solo"
 October 24
Adam Shoalts, Explorer, "Alone Across the Arctic"
Canada’s Indiana Jones will share his adventures opening up the North during his many voyages of discovery.  For a preview, see this video of an interview he did on Global TV last October:
We were fortunate to have him speak to us in 2013, when he first started out. Since then he has continued to grow as an explorer and historian.  In the words of St. John Blakeley: “THIS IS ONE SPEAKER YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS. ONE OF THE BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD.”
 November 7
Christopher J. Harvie, Canadian Military Historian and Author

This will be a unique perspective as Christopher will be weaving in stories of real Canadian soldiers and their day by day and hour by hour experiences engaged in the War to end All Wars.

He began writing military history in earnest in 2011, starting with his blog "If Ye Break Faith."  Following this, he has had a few fine successes in other publications.

He has brought to all of this work not only a passion for the subject matter and a desire to impart it in a revealing and relatable way, but his five years with the Canadian Army has also given him an attention to detail and an insider's understanding of the military.

This has been useful in illustrating some of the "why's" not immediately understood to the civil mindset, as well as an intimate knowledge of the nuances of military tradition and how soldiers genuinely interact with each other.