Probus Club of Old Oakville

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A History of Guest Speakers at the Probus Club of Old Oakville

Guest Speakers in 2017 - Detail

Guest Speakers in 2016 - Detail

Guest Speakers in 2015 - Detail


Guest Speakers in 2014 - Detail


Guest Speakers in 2013 - Detail


Guest Speakers in 2012 - Detail

Guest Speaker Archive from inception through 2017

This history of Guest Speakers at meetings of the Probus Club of Old Oakville is presented in three formats:

1.  Guest Speakers by name listed alphabetically, showing date of presentation and topic

2.  Guest Speakers and topic listed chronologically by date of presentation

3   Guest Speakers listed alphabetically by General Areas of Interest, listing specific topics

presented and the date of the presentation.

NOTE: Detail of the content of the presentation made by Guest Speakers can be found in the related newsletters available on this site.