Probus Club of Old Oakville

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Payment to the Club by Interac

June 2014:  Interac E-Transfer for making payments to the Probus Club of Old Oakville is now up and operating.  Members who use on-line banking can use this instead of cheques or cash. 


Instructions for using Interac E-Transfer to Pay Probus Old Oakville


Note that most of the instructions for using Interac are contained in the payment section of your on line bank account.  The following instructions beneath are merely a supplement to those instructions.


  1. Access the Interac section on your online banking screen.
  2. Choose to make a payment
  3. You will be asked to complete various fields and will need the following :
  4. Recipient? – Probus Old Oakville
  5. Amount – Enter the relevant amount of the payment (e.g. $40)
  6. E Mail address? –
  7. Message?  –  Please state what you are paying for – e.g. dues
  8. Create a security question and answer. You MUST enter Exactly as follows:
  9. Question – On what day do we meet?
  10. Answer – Wednesday
  11. Send the transaction.

You will get a response from the Treasurer when your message is picked by the Treasurer.

There will probably be a small cost to you for the above transaction. The exact amount will depend on your personal banking arrangements. There is no charge to Probus.