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Stephen Walter 02 Nov 2022
Stephen Walter & Ron McKee 02 Nov 2022
Stephen McWilliam & Jim Campbell 02 Nov 2022
Rick Schwartz & Malcolm Kelly 02 Nov 2022
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Malcolm Kelly 02 Nov 2022
Curt Allen 05 Oct 2022
Jim Campbell 02 Nov 2022 (2)
John Chattoe 07 Sep 2022
Catherine Soplet 05 Oct 2022
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Probus Old Oakville Banner 1996
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Special Events

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Special Events are held throughout the year.  These have included trips to Shaw Festival, a number of different plant tours, boat cruises, an annual Golf Tournament, and an annual Car Rally.  In addition; our annual Marquee event is the Presidents’ Lunch, held every fall, also a Christmas Lunch.  Breakfasts are also organized when appropriate throughout the year.  These precede monthly meetings and are used to promote fellowship.  Some Special Events are Members Only, but a number are open to spouse and other guests.

There are several clubs and groups such as a bridge group, golf group, snooker group, a dinner club, an investment club, Living Alone group, camera club, a breakfast club and many more.

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Would You Like To Speak to Us?

If you would like to speak to our club, please contact Bill Landry ( or Dan Kleemola (, our Speakers' Co-Chairs.

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