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What is Probus?

Probus® is an association of retired and semi-retired persons who join in autonomous Clubs throughout the world. The word PROBUS is an acronym for the words PROfessional and BUSiness. Membership is not restricted to these two groups, however. Probus members are persons who, in their chosen career paths, assumed a measure of responsibility. There are 249 Probus Clubs in Canada and approximately 4000 Clubs worldwide.


Probus Club Objectives:

Probus Clubs aim to create a pleasant environment for semi­-retired and retired individuals who want to meet others in similar circumstances. To this end, Probus encourages fellowship, and camaraderie amongst its members. Exciting pre-planned events, motivating activities, and dynamic speakers, come together to generate fun and excitement for Probus Members. Click on the Probus website at for more information.


History of The Probus Club of Old Oakville:

Our Probus Club is for Men only. It evolved from The Rotary Club of Oakville. The first meeting was held on November 5th, 1996, in St. Jude's Church. Gordon Mylet was the first President of the newly formed Probus Club of Old Oakville with a membership of forty-two. Today our members number around 100. New members are always welcome, and the Probus Club of Old Oakville continues to grow.


Structure of Probus Clubs:   

  • We are a non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit organization.

  • No fund-raising is permitted. 

  • Previous service club affiliation is not required. 

  • Members are encouraged to wear either Lapel Pins or Name Badges at Probus meetings.

  • Low membership fees respect our non-profit club status.

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