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Probus Club Activities

Marathon Bridge: The Marathon Bridge Group plays two games a month from October to May. We hold our wind-up lunch in May. We play bridge to cultivate friendships. We never take the game seriously.  The group is open to all Probus members, Spouses, and Significant Others. Please come and enjoy the fun.  ON HOLD.

Contact: Peter Morris, ""

Dinner Group: Probus members and their partners meet monthly on the third Wednesday of each month to enjoy fine dining at local restaurants. Each month is a different restaurant hosted by a different member.  The Dinner Group is an excellent opportunity for Probus Members to enjoy a delicious meal with good company in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.  ON HOLD.

Contact:  Hugo Kamerling, ""


The Breakfast Club meets at a local Oakville Restaurant every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. The month of December is an exception.

The restaurant offers a full breakfast, tea or coffee only, or nothing at all if members only want to enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow Probus buddies.

Good Friends, good food, and good conversation lead to an enjoyable atmosphere.

Contact:  ON HOLD

Photograph Competition: The photo competition is open to all Probus Members and is conducted each Fall annually. The entrant's skill level and the category he chooses to compete in are considered by the judges. Entrants can use any style or type of camera they wish as winners are determined only on the quality of the photograph submitted.


Contact:  Ron Thornbury, "

Living Alone Group (LAG):

This group was expressly formed for members who live alone due to their spouses having passed away. The L.A.G. also encompasses Probus members who, for the most part, live alone due to spousal confinement in a long-term care facility. The group enjoys, among other things, good conversation, camaraderie, fellowship and funny stories, while having coffee or breakfast. Meetings are every Friday morning at a local Oakville restaurant.  Due to COVID, now a Zoom meeting at 10:00am Fridays.

Contact:  Ron Thornbury, ""

Lunch & Pool Group:

This Group meets every Tuesday at noon at Monaghan's Sports Pub and Grill (1289 Marlborough Ct., Oakville - across from Sheridan College on Trafalgar, in the same plaza as Rabba's Fine Foods) for a tasty pub-style lunch, followed by a casual game of pool, or just a chat. The Group is a long-standing Probus Old Oakville activity. The camaraderie with fellow members is the prime reason for its longevity. Playing pool and enjoying a nice lunch is secondary to the enjoyment of good conversation, jokes, and laughter amongst the group. Members pay for lunch only – the pool is free.  NOW ACTIVE.

Contact:  St. John Blakeley, ""

Investment Club: Meetings begin with a general discussion on general investment interests including Economics, Politics, Technology, Interest Rates, and Stock Market Outlooks. We manage three mock portfolios – a growth portfolio, Dividend Income, and emerging markets.  Members also participate in an annual contest where three securities are selected. The Investment Club meets at 2:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month upstairs at The Oakville Club.  Due to COVID, now a Zoom meeting.

Contact: Brendan Barnet, "" or John Vipond, ""

Camera Club: The Camera Club allows your creative juices to flow. It promotes taking better photos that you can be proud of showing. The Camera Club meets irregularly based on the rate of submissions by club members. The object is to fine-tune the elements of composing your shots without having to overly think about it. Your photos, if you agree, can be reviewed and assessed at the next meeting by your fellow Club Members. Good-natured anecdotal comments usually follow – many your fellow members experienced with similar subjects.  Due to COVID, now a Zoom meeting.

Contact:  TBD, temporarily Rick Schwartz - ""

Lawn Bowling: Lawn bowling is a relaxing and enjoyable sport played amongst friendly people and involves a lot of smiles and laughter. Cringes, grimaces, mumbles, and grumbles may be seen and heard when endeavoring to coax inanimate objects into obscure places. The Lawn Bowling Club meets at the Oakville Lawn Bowling Club.  

Contact:  Mark Cox, ""

Summer Golf: The Summer Golf Group is a leisurely way to enjoy the game of golf. It is open to Spouses, Significant Others, and Guests. Every Wednesday at the Oakville Executive Golf Course. Participants can either ride or walk, and we only play nine holes. You do not have to be a proficient golfer to play. On the contrary, our outings are designed to provide fun and camaraderie, not to show off our golf skills. 

Contact:  Hugo Kamerling, ""

Cribbage Group:

The group leader matches players and locations at a time and place that is convenient for the players. Participants meet in individual residences to play their matches. It is an ideal way to enjoy a leisurely game of cribbage, in a relaxed atmosphere while getting to know fellow Probus members better. Most competitions occur in areas close to where players reside, thus minimizing the need to travel long distances. Most games are within walking distance or only a short drive away.  ON HOLD.


The Euchre Group meets at a local Pub which has graciously set-up a private area where up to twenty Probus Euchre players can meet twice a month. A discounted lunch menu is offered together with soft drinks and adult beverages. Also, there is an abundance of laughter and jokes circulated amongst the group. The owner of the Pub has made available a pool table for those who may like to take a break from Euchre and play a game or two of Pool. The exclusive Probus assigned area, designated wait staff, and pool table are free-of-charge, which makes for lots and fun and good value.  ON HOLD.

Contact:  Curt Allen, ""

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