The Challenges of Adapting to COVID: lessons learned and how will Seniors' Residences look in the future


January 6, 2021

Amanda White-Pressey 

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Seasons Seniors Lifestyle Living

Oakville Headquarters

will speak to us on the topic above.

The Vaccine Devlopment Process


February 3, 2021

Niten Barua, Member Speaker

Retired from Big Pharma

will speak to us on the topic above

The Current Political Climate


March 3, 2021

Tom Axworthy

Senior Fellow, Munk Institute

and former speechwriter for Pierre Elliot Trudeau

will speak about the topic above.

The Challenges of Judaism in the 21st Century


April 7, 2021

Rabbi Stephen Wise

Shaarei-Beth El Congregation


will speak on the above topic

Conservation Work in Halton


May 5, 2021

Hassan Basit

Conservation Halton

will speak on the above topic.

Sheridan College's Lead in Animation


June 2, 2021

Tony Tarantini

Sheridan College Oakville Animation Faculty

will speak on the above topic.

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